Dellacoma — Debut Album - South Of Everything
Release date : Apr. 010, 2015
Label : Shock Records
  1. My Kinda Woman
  2. Bloodsucker
  3. Under My Skin
  4. Movin On To Something New
  5. Walk The Plank
  6. Lesson Learned
  7. Time Falls Away
  8. Change
  9. FJH (Get Me Out)
  10. Fame/Slaves/Gold

DEBUT ALBUM – South Of Everything

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Combining a powerful sense of groove with melody driven songwriting and a live show that has left audiences across the world breath taken, Dellacoma burst on to the global rock scene like a ferocious hunter stalking his prey. Brought together through a mutual love of honest and raw rock n roll and a desire to breathe new life into what has been called “a dying breed,” their debut tour featured 80 shows across a gruelling 95,000km trek throughout the USA.

Not content to stay still for too long this swaggering quartet also managed to record their debut album, ‘South Of Everything,’ in just 9 days between tour dates!

Dellacoma is a band with a reckless and wild visual and auditory assault live and ‘South Of Everything’ is a very real snapshot of a passionate band who lived and breathed life together, in a van, on the road, rolling down highway after highway.